Why choose cDrive?
A multi-function management system allows you to manage your files online easily. Users are able to upload and download files freely without any software or APP installation. The web control panel is user-friendly in which you can share your files, send huge files, and add additional user accounts. Cloud net by using this service which is suitable for both individual and group.
Easy to Setup Multiple Users

User is classified as Administrator and User. Administrator can add, delete, and edit users ‘space and all other information. Each user has own login information and storage spaces.

SSL Protection

When upload and download files, SSL will protect your files not to be released to the public. User can share business documents conveniently and confidently.

7x24 Technical Support

CommuniLink provides 24 hours technical support hotline. Our professional technical team gives assistance in any time regard to any technical problems. We insist on real person communication, instead of website and automatic reply system.


High-speed double wired bandwidth, efficient files uploading & downloading


Support Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English Languages Interface


Customized setting for folder edit & sharing list


No need install any software or App


Support IOS/Android mobile access

Members / Users Management
cDrive cDrive
User Classification: Administrator and User. Administrator can add, delete, and edit users'space and all other information. Each user has own login information and storage spaces
Shared Space
Users can share files in the space
Mail with Link
cDrive cDrive
After uploaded files, users can email the URL of it to others for downloading files while without leaking your password.
cDrive cDrive
Each User has own reminder which they can add, delete, and edit information anytime.
cDrive cDrive
Administrator can release the latest news or notices for users to read after login.
cDrive Individual
Prepaid 12 months HK$40 HK$ 65 HK$ 162 HK$ 315
Prepaid 24 months HK$36 HK$ 59 HK$ 144 HK$ 280
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Storage Space 100GB 500GB 2,000GB 5,000GB
User Account 1 5 20 50
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Tel: 2998-0808 or Email:
  • Unique URL will be provided for every customer to login the Web Control Panel. You may choose the name of your URL [e.g., YourName could be tailor-made], customer must confirm the URL while order confirmation
  • The order will be processed in 10 minues after the payment is confirmed by CommuniLink Account Department.
  • CommuniLink reserves the right to make all final decision for the calculation of offer.