Extra Large Email Space,
Special Features Meets Different Customers' Needs
Flexible Plans, Start from Two Email Accounts,
Especially suitable for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Premium-E02
  • 100GB Email Space (Shared)
  • 2 x POP3 Email Accounts
  • Special Features
  • Apply Now
  • HK$150/m
  • Premium-E05
  • 250GB Email Space (Shared)
  • 5 x POP3 Email Accounts
  • Special Features
  • Apply Now
  • HK$250/m
  • Premium-E10
  • 500GB Email Space (Shared)
  • 10 x POP3 Email Accounts
  • Special Features
  • Apply Now
  • HK$350/m
  • Premium-E20
  • 1000GB Email Space (Shared)
  • 20 x POP3 Email Accounts
  • Special Features
  • Apply Now
  • HK$480/m
  • Premium-E40
  • 2000GB Email Space (Shared)
  • 40 x POP3 Email Accounts
  • Special Features
  • Apply Now
  • HK$680/m
All in One Email Service Plans
In addition to extra large email space, the plans also include additional functions. For example, Smart Email System, Spam Controller, Global SMTP, Catch SMTP, and SSL VPN. To meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, the minimum email accounts are two which are lower entry but with great functions.
Smart Email
Smart Email System ensure you keep a close and stable connection with China clients or business partners and to assist you have a smooth business operation between China, Hong Kong and overseas.
Spam Controller
A LEARNING super system that scans e-mail traffic from viruses, spam, attacks against security vulnerabilities. The large clustered servers allowing Spam Controller system perform a wide variety of local and network tests and Bayesian system with auto-learn to identify spam signatures.
Global SMTP
Global SMTP Service Provide multiple port SMTP service (Port 25, 465, 587, 2620), which enables users to send emails worldwide from any computer or smart phone anytime anywhere. To ensure the security of emails, all mail traffic will be encrypted. Users do not have to worry about any disclosure of email content.
Catch SMTP
"Catch" your users' outgoing email and deliver to a specify mailbox for your reference. You will have a copy of their outgoing email without asking them to make any changes on their mail account.
SSL VPN Account
SSL VPN is a virtual network technique that allows users posses Hong Kong IP address when using any computer or mobile devices to surf the Internet outside of Hong Kong. You only need to install any VPN apps for connection setting.
Provide an All in One and Professional Email Service!
24-hour Technical
Support Hotline
Backup System
Set up account
within 1 hour
Service Includes
Email Space (Shared) 100GB 250GB 500GB 1000GB 2000GB
POP3 Email Accounts 2 5 10 20 40
EZMLM Mailing List Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Minimum Payment Cycle 12-month 12-month 6-month 6-month 6-month
Monthly Fee HK$150 HK$250 HK$350 HK$480 HK$680
One-Time Setup Fee HK$150 HK$150 HK$150 HK$150 HK$150
Special Features
Smart Email
Spam Controller
Global SMTP
Catch SMTP
SSL VPN Account
Basic Functions
Mail Forwarders
Your Own
POP3 Server
Your Own
IMAP4 Server
Support IOS Mobile Email for Smart Phone Setting
Support ANDROID Mobile Email for Smart Phone Setting
Multi-Language Webmail
Real-Time Email Virus
Double-layered Antispam & Antivirus
Custom Incoming Email Backup / Forward
Prepaid Discount
12 Months 0% 0% 10% 10% 10%
24 Months 10% 10% 20% 20% 20%

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