Register New 2nd Level .hk Domain Name!

Register New 2nd Level .hk Domain Name to Increase the Exposure of Your Website

March 29, 2004

 Benefits of applying new .hk domain names and joining our services:
Adopt a shorter '.hk' domain name reinforcing your online identity
Raise the exposure rate of your products and services
Save hosting money for your new domain name

From 06 April 2004 to 07 May 2004, you only need to spend HK$480 to submit your .hk domain name to worldwide search engines including several top ones such as Google, Lycos, etc.




From 06 April 2004 to 07 May 2004, if you are an existing owner of a 3rd domain name (, you only need to spend HK$50 to apply for a 2nd level .hk domain name by joining CommuniLink's domain redirect service for 12 months or above. (The newly applied 2nd level .hk domain name must have an exact match with your current 3rd level domain name.)

HK$25/month + HK$150 one-time setup fee

Domain Redirect Service

For more information, please call our Sales Executives at 2998 0808 or email to .



* This promotion is valid from April 06, 2004 to May 07, 2004.
* Promotion 1: Once submitted we will email you a report of which search engines you were submitted to. Please note that search engine companies have the final decisions on the acceptance of the submissions and they will email you the final results directly.
* Promotion 2: To be eligible to register 2nd level domain name at HK$50 for the first year, you must join domain redirect service 12 months or above.
* HKDNR reserves the right to make final decisions on the 2nd level domain name registration.
* CommuniLink Internet Limited reserves the right to make all final decisions if any dispute arises on this promotion.

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