Email Management - Catch SMTP Promotion

Email Management - Catch SMTP Promotion

September 30, 2003

Imagine how many emails travel within a company a day. Being capable of managing emails is the key link in improving business operation and service quality. CommuniLink has already touched on the importance of email management and developed a solution to help you to control both incoming and outgoing emails in today's advanced growing electronic information highway.

Incoming Email Backup
Email service provided by CommuniLink includes unlimited email forwarding features that can aid you by forwarding all the incoming emails to a specified mailbox set at your preference. To enjoy this feature, all you have to do is simply use your postmaster account to set the forwarding function for all email accounts under your domain. The individual users within a company's network will not notice this special arrangement on their personal email accounts. In just a few easy steps, you enjoy the incoming backup service at no extra charge.
Incoming Email Backup

Outgoing Email Backup
Catch SMTP service is an innovative feature used to monitor outgoing email. It will automatically create copies of all the outgoing emails and forward it to a specified mailbox for reference, while the original copy gets delivered to the recipient. This acts as a business tool which helps the business in keeping track of all information that leaves the company. In other words, it manages all business information in an organized manner.

Whether it is receiving incoming information or just sending information to a prospective client, CommuniLink provides effective and efficient services to any progressing business. In this promotion period, Catch SMTP service additionally provides FREE Outgoing Email Anti-Virus Scanning and FREE setup charge for only $180 per month with minimun 6 months advanced payment.

Want to find out more about this promotion? Call our customer service hotline at 2998-0808 now.

* This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other special discounts, reselling discounts or promotions
* This offer expires on Oct 31, 2003

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