New Technique of Web Management

New Technique of Web Management

October 18, 2003

In the Internet and the World Wide Web century, it seems like almost any business infrastructure of any size is thinking about getting on the web, or is already on the web. Managing a Website is a highly time-consuming issue for most of the enterprises. Allowing any users no matter how many computer knowledge one has to manage its website quick and accessible becomes the essential of a good hosting service support.

CommuniLinks advanced WCP4.0 is especially designed for you to manage your accounts more quickly and easily. It has a complete range of new features allowing normal user to become professional. The new tools include:

Account Overview V Summary of your account disk space, email space, bandwidth utilization, mySQL database space, FTP account information and etc.

Subdomain and FTP Account Manager VYou can create/edit/delete your subdomain and FTP account with immediate effect.

Custom Error Page V It can override the Apache HTTPD server configuration setting of a standard error message when a particular server error is encountered. It helps your website to build a professional image.
Standard error messages include:

  • 404 File Not Found V when a file or directory does not exist
  • 403 Forbidden V when no read permissions on the file/directory
  • 401 Unauthorized V when unable to authenticate
  • 500 Internal Server Error V usually when there is an error in an executable script

Email Manager V You can create/edit/delete your POP3 email account (A POP3 account is different from normal e-mail accounts in that each POP3 has its own login and password) with immediate effect.

Email Virus Report V CommuniLink provides anti-virus scanning service for both incoming and outgoing emails and keep reports on your WCP4.0 for your future usage.

File Manager V File Manager is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor allowing you to create/edit file, set permission for file access, upload single or multiple file, search file by file name or text content, extract .tar and tar.gz file, place password for web directory and etc.

Website Statistic V You can observe the frequency of visitors surfing into your website; where visitors are coming from; what kind of search engines people use to find your website; which keyword(s) they use in their searches; and what patterns people commonly follow throughout your website.

Please feel free to try out WCP4.0 live demo to see how convenient it is.

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